It’s a big year for Britain! Not only are they hosting the 2012 summer olympics, the country is also celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee (60 years of reign)… and they’ve been named the fashion capital of the world.

Perfect timing to launch a special stamp collection celebrating 60 years in fashion! The 10 stamps feature iconic creations from 10 designers that represent British fashion at its best. Like Vivienne Westwood’s Harlequin dress, an 80’s Zandra Rhodes gold ball gown and, my favourite, Alexander McQueen’s breathtaking Black Raven dress.





What I really find interesting (other than the fashion of course!) is how Norwegian photographer Solve Sundsbo chose to portray the designs, with invisible models. It gives great movement to the clothes, without taking away the focus from them, which would have been difficult with real models.

The stamps were launched a couple of days ago and are available on the British Royal Mail website.

Thanks to my friend Gibran Ramos, who lives in London and bought them for me, I will receive mine in a few days!!!

So what do you think of this initiative?

Lolitta xx

Photos: British Royal Mail