Since buying my first iPhone in 2010 (I know… I waited a long time), I’ve been taking less and less pictures with a regular camera. And things have gotten even worse (or better) since I got my iPhone 6! Today, I can say that I take 95% of my pictures – including my weekly street style feature for Journal de Montréal and pretty much all the pictures you see on – with my phone!

Like one of my all-time faves: model Jessica Stam coming out of a show during Paris Fashion Week (I love how clearly she stands out, especially after accentuating the blurriness of the background, and how we feel the craziness of Paris during Fashion Week)!


I could obviously use a camera and get great results, but for my photography level and lifestyle, there’s nothing better than my iPhone 6. Talking about lifestyle… let’s start with the fashion shows, a big part of my work of course, but also what I’ve struggled with the most in the past years. And since I know I’m not the only one… here are a few features that you might want to start using in New York, London, Milan, Paris or anywhere else in the world!

Auto Exposure & Auto Focus 

The biggest problem at fashion shows are usually the light and the fact that we are trying to capture moving « objects ». To fix these issues, don’t try to follow the model while she’s strutting, you’ll usually just get blurry images. Instead, chose the area of the runway where you are planning to shoot, lock both your exposure and focus and wait until the model walks through your focused « zone ». It’s very easy to do…

1- once your area is chosen, tap on your screen

2- when the little « sun » icon appears, slide your finger up (to lighten the image) or down (to darken the image)

3- when you have your ideal light, press your finger on the screen until the AE/AF LOCK sign appears


Burst Mode

Once you have done all of the above, the burst mode is going to be your number 1 tool to get the very best picture! When you’re ready to shoot, simply tap the white button at the bottom of your screen and hold it as long as you want. The burst mode will take 1o photos per second, then suggest one image or a sequence of photos that you might like best. Don’t forget to keep only the best pictures, so you don’t fill up your camera! Oh, and by the way, the burst mode also works with the front camera… which can be very practical for taking killer selfies!

On-hand editing tools

Before, editing a picture usually meant adding the Valencia filter on Instagram… or if I really wanted to improve the image, uploading it to my computer and using Photoshop. But with the integrated editing tools, no need to do that anymore! If you haven’t discovered this feature yet, you are going to LOVE it! Here’s the before & after of a runway picture I took during the last Black Fashion Week in Paris.


To get this result

1- Choose an image in your album.

2- On the top right corner of your screen, click the « Edit » icon.

3- Start editing: you can either use the magic wand (top right corner) for a super quick fix of the whole picture…

4- … or you can do a little more: like cropping, adding a filter and editing the light (bottom of screen)


And one last tip, don’t hesitate to take pictures, wherever you are in the room! I’m not always sitting front row, but that has never stopped me from trying. Sometimes, the results can be surprising… and definitely worth sharing on Instagram! Here’s a picture I took at Jean Paul Gaultier’s last Ready-To-Wear show in Paris, in September. The show was a celebration from beginning to end and I love how we can feel that joy in this image (taken from the 15th row at the biggest cinema theatre in Europe – 2800 seats!)


Even though I still have a lot to learn on filming and editing videos with my iPhone (keep a close eye on my blog and my Instagram feed in the next few weeks), I absolutely want to finish with a video tool that is going to become essential when covering runway shows… Slo-Mo! This tool is perfect when you want to show details of a look or how a fabric moves!

I haven’t taken a video yet that will make you understand how cool this feature is, so here’s a video by @aguynamedpatrick that was shot during the Giambattista Valli Ready-To-Wear show, last September in Paris… Just click on the image to watch it


Now that I’m really getting into iPhoneography, I’ll try to give you my tips as often as I discover them, but I also want to know yours… so don’t hesitate to share!

Lolitta xx



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