As soon as I learned that BeachMint was working with Kate Bosworth and the Olsen sisters, I was immediately intrigued about the new online shopping website. Unfortunately, it only shipped to the United States. But, since December 26th, BeachMint now ships to Canada… so we can all have access to the cool jewelry, the beautiful shoes and the (most) comfortable T-shirts ever!

So how does it work exactly? Well, BeachMint has 3 brands that include StyleMint, which features a line of T-shirts designed by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen; JewelMint, co-designed by Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist Cher Coulter; and ShoeMint, which features shoes by Rachel Bilson and Hollywood stylist, Nicole Chavez and manufactured by Steve Madden. The concept is simple, all the jewelry and T-shirts are 29,99$ and the shoes are all priced at 79,99$.

In order to start shopping at BeachMint, you will have to sign up to the brand(s) of your choice and take a (really fun) personal style quiz so they can determine your fashion preferences. After that, the fun starts! Each month the site will send you a selection of shoes, jewelry or T-shirts (depending on what brand you subscribed to) especially handpicked for you. All of this is free, unless you decide to buy, of course. And if you do, it’s always going to cost you only 29,99$ or 79,99$. Need I say more?

So you know exactly what to expect, here’s StyleMint’s personal selection for me this month. Pretty cool, huh!

Photos: Courtesy of BeachMint