Every week, we go through our Instagram feeds to find the best looks. Colourful, daring and original are our key words. And in honour of Canada Day, here are our 10 favourites canadian looks of the week…

1- Ania Boniecka – @aniab
We love : the hat and the beautiful mix of prints of the romper + staircase

2- Gerardine Jeune – @mllegeri
We love : that she wore a puffy skirt over her dress to create a brand new outfit!

 3- Sadaf Sanii – @sadafy
We love : the pink oversized blazer, the cute sunglasses and the colourful pompoms in her hair

4- Zara – @xoveloxo
We love : the adorable dress and the heart-shaped glasses. Such a perfect outfit for Canada Day!

5- Amélie Mcgarrell – @ame.pm
We love : the cool boyfriend jeans, shaved head and the star earring

 6- Charles Desnoyers & Naomi Larocque – @hismajestycharles & @fimrnaomi
We love : the retro vibe & how perfect they look together (plus that suit Charles!)

7- Grece Ghanem – @greceghanem
We love : the mix of the printed skirt with the colourful knit, especially against that setting

8- Chloe – @chloesugarr
We love : the leather culottes, the knotted white tee and the overall athletic look

9- Sam Beckerman – @beckermanblog
We love : the ruffled mullet skirt that showcase perfectly her killer boots!

10- Sky – @tarahendela
We love : the beautiful dress with the rubber boots… and the rainbow! There’s something so magical about this picture!