Every week, we go through our Instagram feeds to find the best looks. Colourful, daring and original are our key words. Here are our 10 favourites…

1- Mangu – @original_mangu
We love : the gorgeous skirt and the feminine style

2- Micah Gianneli – @micahgianneli
We love : the amazing silver thigh high boots over the track suit. So cool!

3- Emili Sindlev – @emilisindlev
We love : amazing mix of prints, the oversized ruffles and the socks!

4- Yuwei Zhangzou – @yuyuzhangzou
We love : the beautiful cape and the amazing boots

5- Laura Wills – @thefashionbugblog
We love : the crochet skirt with the casual sweater

6- Leena Ha – @leenalghouti
We love : the cool urban vibe worn with a headscarf

7- Jenny Lopez – @lopezjennylopez
We love : the mix of prints and the bohemian pants

8- Colleen Heidemann – @colleen_heidemann
We love : the original jumpsuit and her overall elegance

9- Jovel Roystan – @jovelroystan
We love : the unusual cut of the pants and the cool loafers 

10- @erinwilkins_
We love : the pastel colours, the cute bows and the ruffles