Every week, we go through our Instagram feeds to find the best looks. Colourful, daring and original are our key words. Here are our 10 favourites…

1- Anabelle Fleur – @vivaluxuryblog
We love : the pretty floral dress and the BEAUTIFUL bag 

2- Jennifer Lake – @jenniferlake
We love : the amazing two-toned dress… and the stunning setting!

3- Aureta – @aureta
We love : the striped pants, the turban and the overall nomad vibe

4- Micah Gianneli – @micahgianneli
We love : Everything! The masculine suit, the camel jacket and the perfect belt

5- Alexandra Lapp – @alexandralapp_
We love : the adorable polka dot skirt + socks and the cool beret

6- Peggy – @ontheqtrain
We love : the floral maxi-skirt paired with the Bardot top and the summery boho vibe

7- Mary Seng – @happilygrey
We love : the idea of a cute blouse under overalls

8- Grece Ghanem – @greceghanem
We love : the absolutely stunning floral suit

9- Tomoyoshi Takada – @tomoyoshi_takada
We love : the classic elegance of the grey suit and perfect hat

10- Hayley & friend – @wendology
We love : the matching (and beautiful) dresses!