Every week, we go through our Instagram feeds to find the best looks. Colourful, daring and original are our key words. Here are our 10 favourites…

1- Darja Barannik – @darjabarannik
We love : the mix of colours, the layering and the killer 80’s inspired trench-coat!

2- Musemo Handahu – @misslionhunter
We love : the casual vibe and the beautiful shoes

3- Hallie Swanson – @halliedaily
We love : the polkadot shirt and the original accessories

4- Celeste – @celmatique
We love : the amazing exotic print and colours

5- Dasha – @dariak_style
We love : the combination of casual pieces with more elegant ones and the overall originality of the look

6- Susie Lau – @susiebubble
We love : the original mix of patterns and the unexpected layering 

7- Elizabeth Kingston – @timeless_styling
We love : the eccentric layering of accessories and the vibrant colours

8- Jessica Wang – @notjessfashion
We love : the androgynous pieces paired with heels and the fall colour palette

9- Toni Tran – @fashitect
We love : the classic trench over the amazing red suit

10- Carla & Bella – @carla11xbella13
We love : the feminine cute skirts with an urban twist