Every week, we go through our Instagram feeds to find the best looks. Colourful, daring and original are our key words. Here are our 10 favourites…

1- Jessica Wang – @notjessfashion
We love : the stunning coat over the matching skirt and the jewel tone accessories

2- Holly – @petiteflowerpresents
We love : the gold & green colour palette and the chic ethereal tulle skirt

 3- Dasha – @dariak_style
We love : how she’s wearing four statement pieces, but all makes it work together

4- Caroline Daur – @carodaur
We love : the idea of wearing a fabulous sequin top with simple jeans 

 5- Assa Cisse – @mycurvesndcurls
We love : the cute Christmas sweater with the pleated skirt and the festive headband

6- Grece Ghanem – @greceghanem
We love : the beautiful mix of textures, prints and colours

 7- Tomoyoshi Takada – @tomoyoshi_takada
We love : the perfectly tailored suit, the coat worn on the shoulders and how he tied that small scarf around his neck 

8- Rachel Ann Jensen – @rachelannjensen
We love : the vibrant blue velvet dress, especially against her pale skin & hair, the stunning cape and the overall vintage vibe  

9- Dalal AlDoub  – @dalalid
We love : the beautiful Russian-inspired black dress and how her head scarf seems to melt into the puffy sleeve blouse 

 10- Quenisha Qiana – @quenisha.qiana
We love : the adorable gold Chinese dress. Such a good idea for the Holidays!