As you probably realized by now, our Boy Crush feature is not only about hot guys… Of course, we like good-looking men, but what we want to showcase above all is inspiring men who are doing what they love and making things happen in our city! Paul Desbaillets is definitely one of them… In the last few years, the 40 year old Montrealer has already opened 4 very popular bars and restaurants in the city: Burgundy Lion, Bishop & Baggs and 2 Brit & Chips. And if this wasn’t enough work, he also created #GoalMtl, an annual soccer tournament benefiting local charities (I’ve had the opportunity to participate twice and I can tell you it’s a wonderful event). Why soccer? Because he’s completely crazy about the sport… as well as hockey, baseball, pubs and fish & chips!


1) Your boy crush ? I need two… David Beckham and Elon Musk (he’s the co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, amongst other things)

2) Your girl crush ? I need two again… My wife & daughter!

3) Is there a person who has transformed you? There’s many… starting with the people I work with everyday.

4) Where would you love to live ? I would love to Live in London because it’s so cosmopolitan, a fantastic mix of people from all ethnicities! Plus they’re all mad about football, fish & chips and pubs… just like me!

5) Your main flaw? I’m too trusting

6) Your biggest pet peeve? People that don’t say thank you.

7) The skill you would love to have ? I would love to be a mathematician!

8) What are you the most proud of ? The business I built with my partners.

9) What’s your biggest fear ? Not being able to do what I’m doing right now.

10) Some music you love right now ? Hmmm… lately I’m loving Kwamz & Flava.

11) The last movie you loved ? I have to say James Bond Spectre! 

12) Your favourite restaurant ? That’s an easy question… Brit & Chips;)

13) Your favourite quote ? « The people who are trying to make this world worse are not taking the day off. Why should I ? » – Bob Marley

14) Your favourite tattoo and why? It’s impossible to only choose one, so I’ll go for the most recent tattoo I got; the nickname my wife and I gave our daughter while at the hospital! I’m also looking forward to the next tattoo of our baby… on the way in April!!!

15) You favourite athlete of all time / and the most stylish ? My favourite is, without a doubt, Joseph Jean Arthur Béliveau! As for style, I have to say David Beckham again!

The FIE question

With so many bars & restaurants in Montreal, how do you keep your edge ? By being ourselves and continuing to do what we think is right! I think it’s important not to look at what others are doing, or at least don’t let them have any influence on your business goals!


Paul is all about his family, team and friends, that’s why it’s hard to find pictures of him alone… But don’t worry, you’ll still LOVE these pics from his Instagram feed!