One of the few things Lolitta and I don’t have in common is my love for house music and my need once in a while to lose (or find) myself on a dance floor just to sweat it out and (try to) become one with the music for the span of a song or a whole dj set. Just like others reconnect with themselves at yoga… or kinda.


Well tonight there’s little chance I’ll convince my zen yoga-loving wife to join me at Datcha, a new baby on the Montreal night scene. I say baby because it’s not even 1 year old yet. But despite that, it shows as much maturity and focus a good nightclub should have, with the perfect amount of folly. So TONIGHT, the club hosts multitalented Mexican DJ Daniel Maloso, who is said to represent a new sprouting breed of young Latin American producers. I haven’t known him for too long, I must admit, but I can’t wait to get better acquainted with his talent on the dance floor, while my heartbeat blends with his own funky beats, as it does sometimes when the good DJs bring you close to a trance.


So TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT, as Datcha reminds us. There are still some tickets left at Phonopolis, Moog Audio, and Atom Heart.

And at the door, it’s 10$ until 11pm. 15$ after that.

Datcha, 98 Laurier West (corner St-Urbain), Montreal



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