I’m sure you’ve noticed there are more and more makeup collaborations. We’ve seen Carine Roitfeld for M.A.C., Karl Lagerfeld for Shu Uemura and, closer to home, Denis Gagnon for Lancôme. But if there’s one name I was wishing for, but didn’t think I would actually see… it’s Andy Warhol! What better person than the Pop Art icon to inspire a makeup collection?

François Nars thought so too, and actually made it happen for his 2012-13 holiday line. The Andy Warhol + NARS exclusive collection is composed of  about 20 products that include nail polish, lip gloss, eyeliner, blush and beautiful eye shadow… all inspired by the world of Andy Warhol and named according to some of his life’s key pieces and places.

For instance, we have the Empire and Trash pencil eye shadows… both named after movies directed by Warhol in 1964 and 1970. A lot of people think that the artist only painted, but he was also a photographer and a movie director. That’s something which connects the two men since François Nars is not only a makeup artist but also a photographer and an art director.

On top of creating a whole different packaging for many items in the collection, NARS produced a film that’s clearly influenced by Warhol’s style…

NARS also shot a few how-to videos so that we can achieve key looks from the collection. I think this is a very good idea because the line may seem a bit intimidating at first… especially the Beautiful Darling (after transexual muse Candy Darling) and Edie Sedgwick (another of Warhol’s superstars) inspired looks.

To set things straight, I decided to try it myself… and the appointment was booked with make-up artist Heidi at The Bay’s NARS counter (which has a secret room especially for makeup sessions)!

Since I had an event that same night and was wearing a beautiful emerald green dress by Tavan & Mitto, Heidi thought that a smokey eye with accents of purple would be perfect!

François Nars always said that a good skin is the base to a great makeup, so we started with that… and right away I was impressed by the technique. Heidi applied an illuminator (Copacabana) before the foundation! In doing so, the glow that comes through the skin looks very natural.

For the eyes, Heidi first applied an eye primer, then used the Empire matte black eye shadow pencil, right at the base of the eye, and continued with the Trash purple eye shadow pencil. To finish things off, she used mascara and eyeliner inside the eyes (top and bottom). This is really important because it frames the eyes some more. What I loved most about the eyes was definitely how velvety the smokey looked!

As for my cheeks, Heidi used the universally flattering peachy pink blush better known as Orgasm! Since my eyes were so intense, we decided to go for a very natural lip that was actually a combination of two Larger Than Life Lip Gloss (Hollywoodlawn + Chelsea Girl). Here is the result…

I personally love the collection, starting with the colours, the packaging, and of course, the Self Portrait Eyeshadow Palette… nothing less than a little masterpiece!

The Andy Warhol + NARS makeup collection is only available until January 15th 2013. After, it’s off the market… so hurry if you want to try it!

Lolitta xx




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