A few weeks ago, Le Chateau asked me if I’d be interested in being one of their footwear ambassadors… which meant choosing my favourite pair of shoes every month for a year and styling them into my wardrobe. Hummm, I don’t know… let me think… Of course I said YES! And I’m delighted to start right away with these beauties!


November is not an easy month when it comes to shoes because you need to transition to more covered up and comfier shoes, without throwing yourself into winter boots right away. At first, I thought I wanted equestrian boots, but when I saw these leather laced-up booties, I changed my mind!

I love everything about them… the gold buckle, the little heel, and especially how feminine they are (and that’s no easy achievement when we’re talking laced-up boots). I also loved their grungy vibe and I immediately thought of wearing them with my tartan wrap dress! Actually… it’s a vintage skirt, but I like to wear it as a bustier dress, over a turtleneck. Very Vivienne Westwood, don’t you think?


When I went to Le Château to shop for my first pair of shoes, I was impressed with the quality and diversity of the in-store and online offer. And that’s exactly why the Canadian company launched the ambassador program now… In the past few years, Le Château has been working really hard to bring better shoes. The Italian Design Shoe Collection is the best example of this renewed attention to quality.

Here’s a selection of my favourite styles that are available right now (BTW, a few of these are going to be reduced this weekend for the Black Friday sale)!


As you can see, this challenge is going to be harder than I thought…

Lolitta xx