The wife being away on business, I was asked to play spy on the Montreal shoot of Jeanne Beker’s new partnership with WestGroupe’s FYSH UK eyewear collection. So although that’s not exactly my mandate, which is rather to cover all things male-related, I had to take one for the team here… Naaah, seriously, not only did I learn a lot, but I had fun doing it and I even had a little chat with the Lady herself!

So Jeanne, why eyewear? And why now?

It’s simple. I wear and love eyewear. So when I got a call from Westgroupe asking if I could edit a capsule collection for one of their edgier lines, FYSH UK (editor’s note: UK stands for Urban Kool), just as I do for my EDIT by Jeanne Beker line, I had to say yes! Especially since the collection will benefit Dress for Success, a charity with which I am quite involved and that is dedicated to empowering women and inspiring them to put their best foot forward, both in terms of attitude and dress.

What will women love about this collection?

You can never have too many pairs of glasses. It’s like shoes. But women seem to be more conservative about their glasses, so we’re giving them really fun options in great colours, interesting textures, patterns and shapes. Like for my EDIT by Jeanne Beker line, the idea is to give a little twist to your current wardrobe, so that you’re not overly trendy, but giving a nod to what’s happening in fashion.

And what is happening in fashion? What are the trends for next season, beyond the glasses?

We’re seeing a lot of leather. A lot of mixing of patterns. An Eastern, almost Indian kind of influence. We saw that with Vera Wang and Marchesa. Even Jeremy Scott did a fun take on the Arabic culture. We’re seeing a lot of patchwork too. Proenza Schouler did a great job of that. I also have to mention the snakeskins, the bold colours and the very sharp tailoring, like in Michael Kors’ stunning collection. Finally, I loved Marc Jacobs fun and modern use of stripes. There’s really something for everyone!

What’s your fashion week beat this season?

I did New York, Paris and I’ll do Toronto. But I would’ve loved to go to London. And I missed Montreal. I can’t get enough of this city.

You missed SMM23, but at least you come visit us a few times a year. What do you love most about Montreal?

JBeker: Well first of all my daughter moved here, so that’s one unbeatable reason to come. Then there’s the bohemian edge to it. The great joie de vivre. I feel people work to live, here, it’s not the other way around like in many urban centres. There’s also a great nightlife and music scene. And the people are fantastic! I used to feel a bit of snobbery between Anglos and Francos, but that has totally changed now. Everyone is so warm and nice!


To finish, here’s a sneak peek on the official campaign picture!

The collection is set to launch in January 2013 and will be available at optical retailers nationally across Canada.




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