Because Montreal is so cosmopolitan and because of the city’s European roots and elegant people, President and CEO of Montblanc North America Mike Giannattasio tought it was imperative that the brand open a boutique here. I think they couldn’t have picked a better spot to do so (and with a bang), than in one of the classiest part of downtown Montreal: at the corner of De Maisonneuve and De la Montagne.


If the launch party is any indication, the store will hold lots of nice surprises to its visitors; for instance exclusive and rare items that can’t be found in shops that simply carry the brand, and a very personal and attentive service from Michael and Sandrine, the boutique managers. Even the CEO gave us a lively demonstration of the fire and water-repellent Extreme Collection, in his splendid Queens accent.


He did so with wallets but also with one of my favourite items in the store, the Extreme Backpack. Not only would I feel like 007 wearing it, repelling fire, swimming in the river (and riding my Bixi) with it, I’ll add that the extreme weather we’re getting from winter to winter… (rings a bell right now? Or are your bells frozen?), is also a reason why we needed a Mont Blanc store and its innovative products of all sorts.

Speaking of innovation, meet the Montblanc Screenwriter (third from left, below), another coup de coeur, which ideally complements your smartphone or tablet, as the interchangeable tip lets you write on them as well as on paper!


Go check out the store or the website for prices (I’ll repeat it, you could be surprised) and details.

Oh and before it’s too late (as this is my first 2015 post), I wish you all a very Happy New Year, healthy and balanced, even if you need to work a little for that to happen!

Joe -xx-



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