I love the Holidays! And not only because of the parties, food and gifts… I also can’t wait to go over all the celebrity looks of the year and determine who deserves a spot on my best & worst dressed lists!

Before revealing my favourite stars of the year, here are the ones that made me jump out of my seat all year long (in no particular order)! When you’re done going through my list, don’t forget to vote for your personal worst.

Miley Cyrus

No one has gotten more attention this year (for all kind of reasons) than the twerk princess herself, so I HAD to start with Miley Cyrus! Fashion wise, Miley’s inspirations went from stripper, to 90’s, to gangsta’ and punk… At least, her bad taste was consistent all year long!


Kim Kardashian

I know it’s not easy to dress when you are pregnant, but c’mom Kim… don’t tell me that you couldn’t do better than that! Especially with your shopping budget. Like they say: it takes a lot of money to look this cheap!


Rita Ora

Rita Ora has to be UK’s #1 export… when it comes to bad taste! Whether she’s on the street or walking the red carpet, in a leopard print track-suit or in a baby blue baby-doll with furry pompoms, she never ceases to startle me!



To all those who think that Kesha only wears costume-inspired outfits… here’s the proof that she actually wore a classic LBD this year! Unfortunately it had a slit going all the way up to her waist, completely exposing her side butt.


Lady Gaga

I know Lady Gaga is in a class of her own when it comes to fashion but in my opinion, 2013 marks the year where the singer went from eccentric to crazy. Keep in mind that 2 out 0f these 4 outfits were worn on a regular day, as she was stepping out of her hotel…


Jennifer Lawrence

I know a lot of you will be surprised to see America’s sweetheart in this list but someone has to say it… the girl can act but she CAN’T dress! How else can you explain having access to one of the most beautiful brands in the world and looking like this? And when she’s not dressed in Dior (see 4th picture), she goes for the only Valentino Couture dress that looks like an 8o’s vintage wreck. I rest my case.



If you want to see bad fashion on a daily basis, start following Rihanna on Instagram. Here’s a preview of what you’re in for…


Katy Perry

The problem with Katy Perry is that she’s willing to try anything without really thinking it through (which also explains John Mayer) and the result is usually pretty bad… Here are a few examples of her other big mistakes of 2013!


Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart has to be the most awkward person when it comes to fashion… Is it just me or she always looks constipated or at least uncomfortable in every picture?


Nicki Minaj

I couldn’t think of a better woman to finish this top 10 than Nicki Minaj… who has given us a few of the most memorable looks of the year. Including the infamous boob outfit she wore at the Ellen Show!


Actually, I’m not quite finished… here’s my worst dressed man of 2013!

Zachary Quinto

I love a man who tries different things, but I don’t like someone who tries too hard… and it’s exactly why I can’t appreciate Zachary Quinto’s style. And why are his pants ALWAYS wrinkled? You’re not on Vulcan anymore, Spock. This is Earth! Adapt.


Now it’s time to tell me what YOU think. Just vote for your personal worst and if it’s not in the list, don’t be shy to add it!

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Pssst, my best dressed list of 2013 is right here!

Lolitta xx


Photo credits: justjared.com, billboard.com, becauseiamfabulous.com, gotceleb.com, fashionbombdaily.com, zimbio.com, starcrush.com



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