« Today is a new day. A big day…Words cannot express exactly how I am feeling at this moment…Above all, immense joy. » This is Nicolas Ghesquière’s typewritten note that every guest found on their seat at the Louis Vuitton Fall 2014 show in Paris. Things were starting off well at the most anticipated show of the season!

To put you back in context, Ghesquière was making his debut at LV, after a 14 year reign by predecessor Marc Jacobs… and the Belgian designer didn’t disappoint! His collection was not the same kind of modern he did at Balenciaga… actually the clothes had a strong 60’s and 70’s vibe, but the way he used the fabrics was, as usual, very innovative.

I have to start by the stunning luxurious coats… the mix of fur and croc leather was particularly amazing!


Ghesquière also mixed materials to create graphic effects that were especially well rendered in these dresses (can we say right away that the left look will be a major success!)


If the A-line silhouette was clearly inspired by the 60’s, some pants and sweaters had a very 70’s chic apres-ski feel… don’t you think?


I’m not sure about the pairing with retro frilled-collar blouses… but I did LOVE the glossy leather jeans!


Even though Ghesquière did a good job in leaving his Balenciaga aesthetic behind, he « slipped » twice… and these looks might actually be my favourite of the collection! Not only are the moulded leather bodices beautiful, but the skirts showcase his fabric manipulation skills at its best.


Here’s a much needed close-up.


Talking about details… I loved the use of only one earring (see some of the previous pictures) and the ethnic statement necklaces.


The shoes are also worth looking at… How cool are the incurved heel and the trompe-l’oeil boot!


Louis Vuitton wouldn’t be Louis Vuitton without great bags, and Ghesquière made a great contribution to the house’s archives. Starting by the new Petite Malle bag, inspired by the LV trunk and a couple of « one handle » bags.


What did you think of Nicolas Ghesquière’s debut at Louis Vuitton? I’ll let you watch the full show and tell me!

Lolitta xx





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