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Since there was a lot of interesting men fashion this year at the Oscars, Loli and I decided to split Fashion Is Everywhere’s red carpet coverage. Of course, I’m in charge of the male looks; some inspired me, most left me indifferent and a few gave me ideas of what to avoid next time I go shopping for a tux. Let’s start with a tip of my hat to this gentleman!



Joseph Gordon-Levitt was wearing a perfectly fitting Calvin Klein tuxedo. I can’t stress enough the importance of a good fit for a look that conveys effortlessness and comfort. I also like the subtle shine of the suit, a night sky filled with stars, just like that finest of Hollywood evenings. Special mention to the little touch of colour added by that red button on his lapel (shameless self-promotion, nothing wrong with that, for JGL’s production company, hitRECord, a collaborative endeavour that all the artists among you readers might wanna take a look at).


That being said, I noticed two interesting trends on last night’s red carpet, one that reminds me of my wedding, the other of my prom (I’ll dig out those pics later).


Kevin Spacey (Burberry), Jason Sudeikis (Prada) and Christoph Waltz (Prada) all went for navy blue. The latter two tuxes are a little more to my liking as they are more adjusted and dark but hey, don’t tell Frank Underwood I said that because that would spell the death of my political career (and who knows what else).

The second trend I want to share with you is the Old Hollywood white jacket over black pants, which looks a lot like my prom look back in 1996! Really love Jared Leto‘s red bow tie (and hair of course) and except Matthew’s pants, which seem just a little too big, these looks are pretty much perfect.


Matthew McConaughey (Dolce & Gabbana), Ryan Seacrest (Burberry), Jared Leto (Saint Laurent)


Now to my faux pas of the night. Nothing catastrophic, but here’s what went wrong with these looks. Ever cool Pharrell proves that he can sometimes miss the mark. Although I’m not against the idea of a bermuda tux, here, his Lanvin suit made him look shorter than he is (especially when standing right next to his wife, actress Helen Lasichanh).


Zac Efron‘s Calvin Klein choice seems too short, top and bottom, and ordinary, while ex-footballer Michael Strahan dazzles with a little too much colour in my opinion. As for Kellan Lutz, if he hadn’t been wearing jeans and if his jacket wasn’t clearly too small for him, the sustainable tux, designed by Jomnarn Dul from H Brothers for Suzy Amis Cameron’s eco-fashion campaign, Red Carpet Green Dress, would have actually received my praise, being the tree-hugger that I am.

It’s a thin red line on the red carpet between a thumbs up and a thumbs down.

Hoping my first awards recap was to your liking, dear reader 😉

Jonathan xx

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Photos: ctvnews.cahuffingtonpost.comca.eonline.comjustjared.comdailymail.co.uk



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