This year, I was really looking forward to Osheaga, because the festival was moving back to it’s original setting. Plus, I was excited to see how these 3 days were going to go with my 30 weeks pregnant belly! In the end, everything went smoothly… and I can’t wait to share my maternity festival looks in my next post!

But for right now, here’s what you’ve been waiting for : my favourite looks at Osheaga 2019. Get ready for some colourful, original… and sometimes crazy fashion!

Christina Mendoza (@blanc_noire)

Starting things off with one of the most stylish Montrealers I know! I mean, how cool is this fuchsia sheer jumpsuit worn over a 90’s inspired bikini? Also, the braids and the boots (which she put on just for me) are simply perfect!

Cary Tauben, stylist (@carytauben)

Since I was having a very lucky day… Cary Tauben was standing next to Christina & I got to take two of my fave street styles of the weekend within 5 minutes! I love everything about this look : the multi-layered necklaces, the gold sunglasses, the white cowboy boots and, of course, this vintage 80’s wrinkled denim set. Anyone can find great pieces thrifting, but it’s another thing to make magic happen… here I love that he cut the pants into shorts and how he tied the shirt!

Yup, it’s Cary again! And this time his outfit was all about 90’s Versace. I love the gold bomber, the silk shirt and that vintage necklace!!!  (Can I please borrow it?)

Niamh Carolan, 29  (@niamh.carolan)

Aaaaah the rainbow butterfly look! As soon as I saw Niamh from afar, I fell in love with her! The wings would’ve been enough to wow me, but the fact that she added the fishnet dress, the rainbow sequinned bra & the heart glasses make it an absolutely amazing look!

Cherry  Lena, 24. Singer & model (@cherrylenaa)

When I saw Cherry through these pretty lights, it felt like a vision! I absolutely adore this sporty futuristic look that reminds me of Milla Jovovich in the 5th Element!

Aty, costume designer & model (@aty_bella)

Talking about The 5th Element, here’s another look that was very reminiscent of the 90’s blockbuster! This time, it’s obviously the hair I’m referring to… but also the bright orange pants (which also bring me back to those crazy rave years)!

Patricia Larivière, PR specialist @ Agence Zoï (@patlari)

I  don’t think there’s an Osheaga that goes by without a picture of Patricia… This year, she rocked three great outfits, but this sporty all white number with the pink giant sequins jacket was definitely my fave! And the sun reflecting on the sequins made it even better… especially since she was dancing all the time, she was her own disco ball and it made it so much more fun to be around her!! ?

Mossi & Sydney, 20 (@totalistah & @sdessailly)

First of all, how cute are these two! I like how they are coordinated without being matchy… and I especially love (with an exclamation point;) Mossi’s sheer yellow top with the tartan mini-skirt!

Amanda Chong, 22 (@amandactyan)

Some can say it’s easy to go sexy for Osheaga and they might be right… but this look is well thought of and I love everything about it! The vibrant fuchsia, the cut-out top and of course, the sheer sparkly skirt with the contrasting utilitarian belt!

Camille & Pamela, 22. Artists (@blacktwistedmind@pamel_au_miel)

Camille & Pamela were definitely another of my favourite duos of the weekend! I love that they’ve wearing the exact same outfit in contrasting black & white. Who doesn’t love a black swan/white swan fashion narrative? I know I do!

Branton Gagner, 26  (@bgagner)

I also spotted Branton from far because of his sparkly top… and as I got closer, I loved the rest of the look. Simple but perfect!

Jazmyn Pettigrew, 28.  Graphic designer (@jppuddlejumper)

First of all, can I say that I loooove that she’s wearing a cap that says “Women don’t owe you shit” while being surrounded by all these girls! Also, I’m digging her neon/dominatrix/bohemian vibe!

Liam McCue, 19 (@liammccue)

Skin, hair, outfit… everything about Liam is flawless! Saw a lot of short sets all weekend, but this lime reptile print was definitely the most interesting!

Addie & Rachel, 21 (@addiealdersonn & @rachelmeierr)

The sisterhood of the travelling neon track pants;) Well done girls!!

Molly Muise, 21 (@mollymuise_)

I guess we can say that diamonds + sequins were really popular this year @ Osheaga… and that Molly did a wonderful job in pairing them together! p.s. can we talk about those legs!!!

Tish Valvicious, 31.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t really know much about video games… so when Tish told me her look was inspired by Bowser from Mario Bros, I had no clue who that was… Now I know & I think it’s such a fun inspo for a festival look!

Melika Dez, 31. Photographer (@melika.dez)

Melika’s usually the one taking pictures (if you don’t follow her, you HAVE to check out her IG account), but I couldn’t not shoot her perfect rock/western look. Shout out to her perfect hat from Brimz in Toronto!

Myraï Lavoie, 27. Creative director (@myraithequeenofhearts)

I pretty much shoot Myraï every time I see her because her style is amazing! And let’s say her Cindy Lauper meets Japanese manga look did not disappoint!

Hugo Landry, 20. Videographer (@hugo_landry)

Hugo made his own outfit with an Ikea bag… and the result was so good I stopped him as soon as we got out of the metro (I was too scared to lose him in the crowd)!

Sarah Delfrate, 20. Singer (@sarahdelfrate)

I don’t know how hot this outfit was under the scorching sun… but it sure does look great! Very futuristic warrior princess ??

Jonathan Burnham, 40. Director of Cultural Affairs  (@burnhamjonathan)

I know this is going to look a little biased, but I promise you it isn’t! I absolutely think my hubby’s outfit deserves its spot in my top looks! I especially love the pattern mix, the perfectly coordinated Paul Smith shoes & the wide brim hat (+ the little boy’s scraped knee because he was having too much fun at the park;)

So there you go! What do you think of my choices this year? If you had an amazing outfit & I didn’t see you, don’t hesitate to share it!I will gladly repost on my IG (@lolittadandoy)!

See you next  year… with the baby (& this hunky dad not too far)! 

Lolitta xx