Iconic English fashion designer Paul Smith has joined forces with Holt Renfrew and Movember by designing three models of limited edition mittens, easily recognizable in their famous colourful stripes. Only available in Canada at Holt Renfrew and hr2 (& on, this timely hot item comes just as the autumn chill is starting to feel like winter cold.


Sir Paul was pleased to put his creativity to good use in order to help Holt’s reach its $100,000 Movember target.


At 50$ a pair, it’s a great way to keep warm and give for that tremendous cause (which I’ll cover more at length in an upcoming post about my own campaign). And need I remind you that the holiday season is fast approaching?

Yours truly, “fully awake” and “ready” to head to work on a chilly November morning… :-/ helped along with his new and seasonable Paul Smith mittens.




Photos:, Lolitta Dandoy