When I discovered Birks’ Rock & Pearl collection on Kiesza (she wore a few of her favourite pieces at the 2015 Juno Awards), I fell in love! The reason was simple: I like pearls, but they can be a little too proper… which is why mixing them with studs is such a good idea!

A few weeks after Kiesza was my look du jour, I was offered to style my two favourite pieces for the #RefineYourEdge campaign! As you can imagine, I was thrilled… and after going through the collection 10 times, I finally chose the longest of the necklaces and the stunning cuff bracelet.


I love having short hair, because it allows me to get away with lots of clothes that could easily look a little too daring… like this Donna Karan nude bodysuit I paired with a classic pencil skirt in the same colour. By the way, to me, a monochromatic outfit is the best way to showcase jewelry!


Putting the focus on the jewelry is also the reason why I chose this plunging neckline. There’s something so feminine and sexy about pearls directly touching the skin…


Now that you know what influenced the outfit, I have to tell you why I opted for these specific pieces! The bracelet was simply love at first sight, but the necklace… I thought long & hard about it and finally chose it for its versatility!

As you saw in the first pictures, the necklace really looks amazing as a long sautoir, but you can also wear it shorter by wrapping it twice around your neck.


If you follow my outfit posts, you probably know that I LOVE headpieces… and won’t be surprised to see that I’m also planning to wear my new necklace as a delicate headchain. I’ll just wait for my hair to grow a little because it will look even better!


The last reason I chose the long necklace is that I also can transform it into a beautiful hand chain (so trendy this summer)! Not only is it pretty, but it allows me to put more emphasis on the cuff bracelet.

If you would also like to add a piece from the Rock and Pearl collection to your wardrobe, I have an amazing (and super easy) contest for you!



To participate, simply…

1. Snap a stylish selfie on Instagram

2. Tell us what piece you’d add

3. Hashtag #RefineYourEdge

How easy is that!

Lolitta xx


Photos: Anabel Burin x Vuela Vuela Bijoux