No need to be a hardcore fan and collector like this guy to be excited about Pitchfest, a multidisciplinary art festival gravitating around soccer, and launching tonight at Corona Theatre.

Myself a fan of the sport, although especially during international competitions, I must admit, I think it is indeed a beautiful game and that suffices to make me want to spend part of the next 3 evenings at Corona to watch the handpicked movies (some being award winners, others North American premieres), to attend the Urbania conference about the culture of soccer Friday night, or to see (and maybe purchase) some football-related artwork (see, no need to fly to Miami for Art Basel).


The movie selection is truly eclectic and worth the $15 a day or $40 for 3 days. It ranges from Bob Marley’s true passion for the world’s most popular sport, to a fashion movement instigated by young British football supporters known as the « casuals », or from the importance of money to the psychological impact, sometimes devastating, soccer can have. And there’s one about the fascinating story of the New York Cosmos, the team with which Pelé gave life to soccer in North America.


Speaking of soccer in America, in case it had passed under your radar, Friday is an exciting day in the world of soccer (and not just because of the above-mentioned Urbania conference). It is that afternoon, at 1pm Salvador de Bahia time, that the World Cup’s crucial draw will take place! Now, with Canada being ranked 114th in the world (ouch), I usually cheer for the US because they’re a hardworking team with little faking and diving and an underdog status I kinda like.


But next year, I’m getting carried away by Belgium! After all, my future kids will be 1/4 Belgian (the other 3/4ths, Canada, Peru (ranked 39th) and Barbados (168th!) did not make it this time…). So back to Belgium: they are very well ranked (11th) and are sure to avoid at least 7 of the top 10 football nations in the first round. They have a team that’s exciting enough to bridge the linguistic divide over there and even inspire songs (think Quebecers and Canadians cheering together when Crosby and Team Canada won the gold in the last winter Olympics and you’ll get a tiny idea).

Anyways, come join my favourite Belgian and I at Pitch Fest this weekend. Come any day and there’s a good chance you’ll see us, especially late Saturday night for the screening of Casuals; I am after all married to a sport-loving fashionista.




You can get your tix directly at the Corona Theatre (2490 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, (514) 931-2088) or online.

Ringleader picture: Jeremy Patterson



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