I was in beautiful Barcelona 2 weeks ago and since we were there on a Sunday, we decided to head to Montjuic for Brunch in the Park, the Spanish version of our Piknik Electronik… and I’m so happy we did! Not only was it a beautiful hot day, but I loved the setting, the food trucks & fashion booths and I absolutely adored seeing the children have so much fun in the « Petit Brunch », the kids section! Kudos to the organizers and if you are in Barcelona on a Sunday, make sure you check it out!

Even if I was on vacation, I couldn’t miss this opportunity to do a few street styles! Here are my 10 favourite looks of the day!

Isabella, 19. Barcelona
I’m starting with Isabella because she was probably my favourite look of the day! Not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but I love the the cool two-toned glasses, the cute cropped top and I adore the vintage denim short shorts!

Linda, 24. Slovakia
I met Linda even before I arrived on site and fell for her killer hair and cute (but not so innocent) look! With the ruffles, the top has a childish feel, but it’s also sheer and showcases a see-through bra with ice cream cones covering the nipples… I actually loved the bralette so much that I bought it the next day (and I can’t wait to wear it – Thx Linda)!

Anastasia, Moldova
A pink vintage dress with crochet ruffles… How could I resist? Especially with the green polka-dot headband! 

Stephanie, 26. Holland
If you know me, you know I love a leopard print on anything : shoes, jacket, bag… or a cool bathing suit like this one! And the black denim skirt is a perfect match!

Adriana, 31. Barcelona
When I saw Adriana, I first noticed her killer smile… then her perfectly showcased tattoos! I also like her skirt by local designer Gitana, her cute fan and I looove how she wears her cool Fanny Pack. Cross-body for the win! 

Daniele, Berlin
Daniele might be our only guy, but he’s def’ one of the coolest in this post! Not only are the glasses cool, but I love the unexpected mix of the cheetah print with the polka dots!

Britte, 22. Holland
She might’ve been a little hotter than everybody wearing shorts and a cami… but her look is on point! I love the mix of the leaf-print pants with the white lace top. Plus, she makes me think of Liv Tyler!

Sara, 19 & Aida, 20. Barcelona
Even if we’ve seem them A LOT, I love the fishnets… especially because of the visible waistband worn high-waisted with a cropped-top!

Khadija, 27. Barcelona
Bralette, cut-out shorts and rubber slides… yes, it’s a very simple choice, but she really makes it interesting! The pose, the septum and the cool tribal-inspired tattoos (see 2nd pic) really bring the look to another level!

Stephanie, 22. Brazil
Finishing with beautiful Stephanie from Brazil and her pretty scarf dress that was really perfect for the weather (it was 35 degrees that Sunday). I also love the feather earrings, mirror sunglasses… and that shoulder tattoo!

Lolitta xx



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