How many of you have always wanted to throw a swap party with your friends, but never actually done it? Well, I have good news… you don’t need to organize anything because The SWAP Team is presenting its biggest swap ever this weekend! 7 000 items have already been shipped to Place-des-Arts (where the event is happening) & since participants can bring 10 pieces of clothing with them … there should be an even bigger selection.

Why is the SWAP such an amazing idea? You get rid of the clothes you no longer wear & make someone else happy, you get new clothes without spending a fortune, you find unique pieces that not EVERYBODY is wearing… plus, all the clothes that don’t get swapped are donated to charity!

And don’t think we’re talking of old rags that people gave away because they wouldn’t wear it anymore… I’ve seen a good selection of the clothes and some of the pieces are simply amazing! Want proof? Here’s the entire Spring/Summer 2012 Look Book, which I participated in with 6 fellow bloggers.

All the clothes we wear in the shoot will be available at The SWAP this week-end!

Me & Laure from Une Parisienne à Montréal

Kim from Fakionishon & Kara-Lis from KlisCoverdale

Stéphanie from Modern Antoinette & Béatrice from BeatricePL

Lisa from LKisStyle

Kim & Laure

Lisa, Stéphanie & Béatrice

Kara-Lis & Laure

Kim & I

Take Off Your Clothes is happening this weekend at Place-des-Arts and is divided in 4 swapping sessions. Unfortunately, the very 1st one is sold-out, but you can still find tickets online (at a cheap 10$) for Saturday July 29th at 3:30pm & all day on Sunday.

Before I let you go, here’s the official behind the scenes video…

So, what do you think of the concept? Will I see you there?

Lolitta xx

Photos: Jean-François Brière



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Lolitta a décidé qu'elle allait devenir journaliste de mode à 14 ans (en regardant Jeanne Beker à Fashion Television) et elle a tout fait en son pouvoir pour que ce rêve se réalise. Ce qu'elle ne savait pas c'est que cette passion allait la conduire à fonder son blogue! À travers FashionIsEverywhere, Lolitta espère prouver que la mode est partout et qu'elle est accessible à tous, peu importe notre budget ou notre silhouette. Quand elle ne blogue pas, elle adore voyager, manger et passer du temps avec sa famille… et surtout sa petite nièce Mila!