The movie After the Ball, which stars Portia Doubleday (Kate) and Marc-André Grondin (Daniel) is coming out today. I attended the premiere last week and I have to say I liked it… much more than I expected. I thought it was going to be a movie for teenagers, and it is, but it’s also a feel-good romantic comedy that the whole family will enjoy.

I usually don’t write much about movies… but I had to do it for After The Ball, because all the fashion in the movie was exclusively designed and created by Le Château. By the way, I’ve heard a few negative comments about this partnership, but can we please stop criticizing and celebrate the fact that a local fashion brand is actually doing well enough to participate in a cool project like this! With all the terrible news we’ve been getting in the past year, we should be happy for Le Château. I know I am!

To celebrate the release of After The Ball, I had the chance to chat with singer-songwriter Emilia. We talked about the song, the movie and, of course, fashion…


You did the music and the lyrics for Young and in Love, the theme song for the movie After The Ball. Tell us a little bit more…

It’s one of those surprise songs. I had written most of it a few months before we went to record the album… and I had shelved it. I didn’t know if this was the right song for the album or how I felt about it. And then one day I was shopping and the melody for the chorus popped back into my head. I thought « well, if I’m still thinking about it all these months later, maybe it deserves to be written ».

You didn’t write the song for the movie at the time, it got picked up for it. Why do you think it was chosen?

I think that the themes of being young and in love resonated with the story between Kate and Daniel.

You’re only 22 and you already have a full album that you entirely wrote. Have you been composing for a long time?

I had written small things here and there, but the serious composition started in my 2nd year of University, so not that long ago…


Which singer do you admire?

My favourite style of music is blues, so I love Nina Simone and Billie Holiday… and all the ladies who sang blues with such intense emotion. As far as songwriters, my favourite contemporary songwriter is Ryan Tedder from One Republic. That guy is an absolute genius!! You think you write something great and then you hear his work and you’re like, OK!

What’s your favourite song of him?

It’s so difficult… I love « I Lived » from their new album and obviously « Counting Stars ». But I also love what he writes for other artists… like « Turning Tables » for Adele. He can’t swing and miss for me. I also love Sia, to me, she’s just so ahead of the game right now. Her work is beautiful.

Going back to the movie, what do you think is interesting about this love story?

My favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast, because the Beast doesn’t save Belle, they save each other. It’s not one person coming in and saving the day for the other and that’s something I also see in After the Ball. Portia helps Marc-Andre as much as he helps her… and they happen to fall in love!

What do you love most about the movie?

I love how it all comes together. It’s not only a love story, it’s also a comedy – Nate is SO funny – and it’s about fashion!


Having seen you at the premiere with a sequined old Hollywood gown and today, wearing this adorable polka dot piece, I feel your style is a little retro…

You’re absolutely right. I love feminine silhouettes and sophisticated lines. If I can sum it up, I would say: classic-edgy with a retro twist. I love classic staples paired with more original pieces… and a red lip!


That’s exactly what your album cover is all about…

Yes, for the cover, I really wanted something sophisticated but also dramatic and memorable. That’s were the custom peach tulle skirt comes in!

Which celebrity style do you love?

Hmmm… I have to say I love Taylor Swift’s everyday street style. She’s always so put together, right down to the shoes and purse!


Le Château is of course also dressing you throughout this whole movie tour… that’s kind of a nice perk! 

When I found out how heavily Le Château was involved in the movie, I was very excited because there’s not a lot of stores that offer so much choice. Plus it totally suits my style!

I have to finish with THE classic question… what are your plans for the next months? Where do you want all this to lead you?

After we finish the tour, I’ll be writing for my next album and going into recording before the end of 2015. If we look at the next years, I just want to continue doing this and I want my music to get out there! Most importantly, I want to be a positive influence and be respected within the music industry.

 Lolitta xx

pssst… Emilia’s new album, E, is available on iTunes and you can also download Young and in Love for free on Le Château’s website!



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