I’m sorry this took so long, but I don’t think I’ve ever been busier than in the past 10 days! I started to post my Toronto Fashion Week Diary, as I did for New York last month, but I never had time to continue. I thus decided to cover the whole week in one post. Here’s everything you need to know… from A to Z!

A like Anaïs Pouliot

Quebec beauty Anaïs Pouliot is one of the hottest models right now. During the last international fashion weeks, she’s walked the biggest runways and she was in Toronto for… the Joe Fresh show, of course!

B like Beauty

This season, I was very lucky to have access to the backstage, where I witnessed the incredible work of the Maybelline and Redken beauty teams. Grace Lee, Maybelline’s Lead Makeup Artist for Canada, did an amazing job all week, but here are my 2 favourite looks…

1- Arthur Mendonca: I absolutely loved the strong, dramatic eye paired with a very feminine soft pale purple lip created by Maybelline for Arthur Mendonca.

2- VAWK: Sunny Fong’s collection was futuristic and Japanese-inspired. It beautifully came through in the makeup, that featured a mesmerizing graphic eye, defined cheeks and almost erased lips.

Redken’s Lead Artist, Jorge Jao was taking care of hair! He also did an amazing job, going from simple sleek hair to elaborated coiffures. Here again, I have 2 favourite looks…

1-Martin Lim: I really loved this new cone head version of the classic ponytail created by Redken for Martin Lim.

2- Lundström: This season, Lundström went for an ultra sophisticated look that was perfectly translated to hair with this feminine 50’s inspired puffed bob (and I love that satin headband!).

C like Colour

Following on last season’s vibe, colour was omnipresent on the Toronto runways. I especially loved the emerald green at Pink Tartan, the blood orange shade at Travis Taddeo, the degradé of blues at Joe Fresh and that striking fuchsia at Martin Lim!

D like Daniel Buren

This season, Martin Lim was inspired by abstract contemporary artist Daniel Buren. His interesting work on colours and lines was perfectly rendered by Danielle Martin and Pao Lim.


E like Eclectic

Many designers really went for eclectic prints this season, encouraging us to get out of our comfort zone. And I love it! Especially Jeremy Laing‘s bleached velvet suit.

F like Fur… & Feathers

Apart from colour, the other big trend had to be fur! We saw it on almost every runway and loved it at Travis Taddeo, Rudsak and Chloé Comme Parris. The new thing this season was yeti inspired fur on sleeves.

I had to add a second « F » because feathers (and the bird theme in general) really stood out. As for the mood, it was chic and dark.

G like Glitter

If you have a chic soirée planned, you should still consider the sequined gown; that’s what a lot of designers seemed to want to tell us. The message was particularly clear at Pavoni, who presented a complete selection of red carpet perfect dresses.

H like Houndstooth

If prints were pretty active this season, houndstooth had to be the busiest of them all! See for yourself…

I like Interesting

If I think back of all the shows I saw during World MarterCard Fashion Week, Adrian Wu was certainly the most interesting. The clothes were original, the setting was unexpected and those masks were just weird… in the coolest way!

K like Korhani

This was Korhani Home‘s third season presenting their stylish rugs façon prêt-à-porter at Toronto Fashion Week. Lots of people argue that a runway is not the place for a carpet company, but there is a well-thought design process to the collection and honestly, the show is FUN! This was also Kirsten Korhani’s best collection yet.


L like Lace

I’m not a fan of black spandexy lace, but I love lace when it’s rich and somewhat different. This is why I absolutely adored Lucian Matis‘ very couture guipure creations and Arthur Mendonca’s metallic lavender lace worn with a teal fur stole.

M like Men

Even if I’m mostly there for womenswear, I always appreciate a little masculine fashion. This season, if I liked what Sid Neigum, Caitlin Power and Bustle had to offer, it’s Ezra Constantine‘s minimalist collection that impressed me most. I’d already noticed their work when they presented in Montreal, but this collection was way stronger and more defined.


N like Newcomer

Of all the new designers I discovered this season, my favourite was Ashtiani. I thought the tailoring was impeccable and I really loved the beautiful soft colours she used throughout the collection. Definitely one to watch!

O like Orange

Can’t afford Christian Louboutin pumps? Then why not get Joe Fresh’s orange soles… I’m surely getting a pair! And by the way, Pantone’s official colour of the year is Tangerine tango, so there you go!

P like Peplum

Still don’t know what a peplum is… well let me show you because it’s one of the hottest details of the season. I love them because they’re ultra feminine and they flatter every silhouette. Here are just a couple I noticed at Vawkkin (Vawk’s new sister line by Sunny Fong), Pink Tartan and David Dixon. But my absolute fave was Joeffer Caoc‘s organza peplum attached to a tweed dress.


Q like Quebec

It’s not because I’m from Montreal, I promise… but our designers really stood out during Toronto Fashion Week! Think I’m exaggerating? You be the judge!

R like RAD

I met Rad Hourani in New York last year, but didn’t get the chance to interview him, so I was very happy to get a few minutes with him.  The Paris-based designer was in Toronto to celebrate 5 years of his unique vision of fashion (see letter « U »). Montreal photographer Sébastien Roy was backstage with me and he took this great picture of my interview. Officially my favourite on-duty pic!

S like Self-style

You know I don’t usually feature myself on the blog, but fashion weeks are always a good opportunity to show you the trends I love at the moment. So here are the 5 looks I wore last week! As you can see, I’m very much into colour, flowers and pantsuits right now.

T like The Birds

One of the most memorable (and scary) moments of the week happened at David Dixon’s show. This season, the designer was inspired by Hitchcock’s masterpiece The Birds and decided to present a clip of the movie before sending his girls down the runway. I have to admit it stuck with me all night…

U like unisex

As I mentioned earlier, Rad Hourani presented his Fall 2012 RAD by Rad Hourani collection in Toronto this year, exceptionally. Those who didn’t know him were wowed by his unique vision of unisex fashion. Always experimenting with his work, the designer also gave us clothes that were almost all reversible.

V like Vanessa

I like going to TO because I love the city and its fashion, but I have to admit that I’m always looking forward to spending some time with my friend Vanessa. 9 days in Toronto could feel very lonely if I didn’t have her. In other words, she’s always part of my highlights of the week! And if you really want this to be about fashion only… How cool is this vintage pleated palazzo one piece that she wore at the Lucian Matis show?

W like Wine

Wine was a very popular colour on the runway, but also on the models’ faces. The wine-stained lips created by Maybelline were particularly gorgeous at Pink Tartan and Chloé Comme Parris

X like XXL

Oversized dresses, knits and coats were BIG this season at Toronto Fashion Week. Here are a few of my fave XXL pieces from Melissa Nepton, Chloé Comme Parris and Line.

Y like Yowza!

Need I say more…

Z like Zola (and Lori)

I have to finish this list with THE cutest pic I took in TO. This is Zola and Lori, Danielle Martin and Pao Lim’s daughters, backstage before the Martin Lim show. For those who don’t know Zola, she has her own fashion blog (and has a very quirky and cute style, you’ll see). As for her adorable little sister Lori, she told me that she  also wanted to become a blogger… Pay attention to that name too!

So that’s a wrap for my last fashion week of the season. Hope you liked my recap! Let me know what you think guys.

Lolitta xx

All runway photos in this article were taken by Sébastien Roy, George Pimentel and myself.



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