It’s been a while since I heard about George Michael, but when I learned that Kate Moss was featured in his last music video, I have to say I was intrigued! We all remember how amazing his 90’s videos showcasing the world’s top supermodels were…

Unfortunately, White Lights is not as good as the iconic Fredoom, but it has an interesting story… It was inspired by the singer’s near-death battle with pneumonia last year. In the video, we see a lot of hospital scenes referring to his scary experience. As for Kate Moss, she acts as his guardian angel, even saving him (with a flip of the coin) at the end of the video. The first scene featuring the model is actually reminiscent of her hologram act in Alexander McQueen’s Fall-Winter 2006 fashion show.

So why did George Michael choose the British model for his comeback song? In a recent interview, the singer explained that Kate reminded him of his mother. “Every boy who has lost their mum thinks his mum was the most beautiful woman in the world. Why not ask someone who is considered the most beautiful woman in the world in many ways to be that figure?”

Enough said… here is the videoclip so you can judge by yourselves (and if you figure out what that zebra means, please let me know!)

In an interview she gave last year, Kate Moss mentioned that not starring in the iconic video was one of her biggest regrets, career wise… And I understand her! Freedom is probably my favourite video of all time…

So what do you think of George Michael’s comeback tune? Like it?

Lolitta xx