A few weeks ago, I got the opportunity to do a photo-walk in Old Montreal to test the new iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro… and I’ve been wanting to share about it ever since! But my new boss (yes, I’m talking about you Mr. Charlie) has been keeping me pretty busy! I’ve had an iPhone since the very first one was launched in 2008. The main reason I love Apple phones is the ever-improving quality of pictures & videos. I used to have a camera, but now I take all my images with my phone… whether it’s for social media, my blog or even a printed article in Journal de Montréal!

But let’s get back to iPhone 11, which is the best phone I’ve ever used for photography! Reason #1 : the 2 cameras (3 on the Pro) that allow you to have different perspectives on the same picture, without having to move. The new ultra-wide angle camera is great for landscapes, architecture or high structures (like our now signature Ferris wheel in the Old Port). Let’s say that I can’t wait to start travelling with it! 

As for the standard wide angle camera, it’s just perfect for all our « regular » photography needs. Not only do the colours and textures come through beautifully (which is especially great when I shoot my fashion & beauty looks), but we can now take great pictures in low-light situations.

Which brings be to Night Mode! Like all moms, I take A LOT of pictures of my baby. But like all babies, Charlie moves A LOT! It’s really cute for boomerangs, but not so great when you’re trying to get a beautiful image to print for grandma! With night mode, I can stalk my little angel when he’s sleeping and get amazing pictures without risking to wake him up with a flash! You def’ have to try it yourself, but look at the result… this is the same picture of Charlie, taken with & without night mode. Pretty impressive right!

Then there’s the improved Portrait Mode. I’ve been a big user of this feature since it first came out, and I don’t plan to slow down anytime soon… So I’m happy to see there’s a new lighting effect (High-Key Light Mono) that allows you to make studio‑style pictures… that you can enhance even more by changing the intensity of light on your subjects.

I also absolutely have to talk about video… Not only does the iPhone 11 allow us to shoot in 4k 60fps (frames per second), which is the highest quality video in any smartphone, but the new Audio Zoom feature also alters the microphones as your changing your field of view, which can come in very handy if you’re filming your niece at her piano recital, for example… Oh, and I was almost forgetting the Slofies!! Yup, you can now record slo-mo videos on the selfie camera. 

Everything I mentioned until now applies to both the iPhone 11 & 11 Pro, but if you’re considering the Pro… you have to know that the addition of the 3rd Telephoto camera is amazing to get up close & personal with the subject. Also, the Portrait Mode is even cooler because you can now take take group portrait photos or have a more extensive background thanks to the wide angle camera (look at the stunning full look of my street style)! There are also other perks like 4 extra hours of battery life and faster charging with the power adapter. I’m over-simplifying here, but let’s say that if you want to take your photography & videography to a whole other level… the extra 400$ is totally worth it!

I didn’t get into all the tech specs because I specifically wanted to talk about photo and video, but I really have to mention that with both the 11 & 11 Pro, you get a 1-year free trial subscription to Apple TV+. Which means access to a few amazing series like The Morning Show (excellent), Little America (inspiring) and See (troubling)… oh and Oprah’s Book Club too;)

Lolitta xx



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