As I left the house one busy morning recently, it struck me that a few things were different about me. That day, I hadn’t used one of the expensive colognes or perfumes I’ve been wearing day in, day out ever since elementary school (hey, what can I say, when I was 9, girls liked the smell of my Ralph Lauren Chaps and complimented me for it, kissed me to get closer to it… first among them was my mom… coughFreudcough); that morning, rather, I used a new body spray. That day, I also put “forming crème” in my hair, which I’d done so rarely in the past I still had to read the instructions on the bottle.

A proof of me never taking care of my hairstyle and of a certain pretty lady liking to get close…

good smell bad hair

Now although showering and using deodorant are not new to me, it still struck me as I headed to work because all of those grooming actions that morning had one thing in common: Old Spice beauty and care products. Before stepping out, I’d showered with the Swagger body wash, used the deodorant of the same name, clouded myself in a mist of Bearglove body spray and put on the Cruise Control hair cream.


For a few good reasons, I had undergone a smooth transition towards Old Spice products without realizing it. First of all, they all smell good (and there’s a wide variety of scents I’m looking forward to use to keep THE lady in my trap). Second, the prices are reasonable: they all can be found for less than $10. And since I only used water to shape my hair until recently, I am discovering a whole new world of hair fun… and just last weekend at a dinner party, I’m sorry to say, but the ladies (my mom still at it a quarter century later) showered me with compliments about my hair, which I hadn’t touched since the morning (old habits…).

To me, this is all part of the new image Old Spice is giving itself as it celebrates 75 years in the biz! And of a successful campaign that started with the 2010 award-winning commercial (almost 50 million views on YouTube), targeting female viewers because, as is so obvious in this post (and everywhere in nature), women have a big influence on us guys wanting to smell and look good.

So guys, if this sounds good to you, here’s a contest that might as well! If you want to win a fragrant basket filled with body sprays, shampoos and other hair products worth $60, simply fill out the contest form below. And LADIES, don’t be shy to partake! This, just like “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” commercial, is all for you anyways! 😉

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You can participate until Thursday April 17th at 11:59pm. I will announce the winner the following Friday.

Joe -xx-