With the temperatures dropping and the days getting shorter, I don’t blame you if you’re feeling a bit less energized and motivated. A commitment to a healthy lifestyle is very much like a commitment to a romantic relationship: you’ve got to work on it in order to spice things up and keep the flame alive!

When I need to shake up my fitness routine or get back on track with healthy eating, I like to try a new workout class or discover a new restaurant where I can treat myself to a nutritious meal. So when Mansfield Athletic Club invited me to discover its facilities through the M360TOUR event, I jumped on the opportunity to get my sweat on and enjoy a blow-dry session courtesy of O Coiffure & Spa and a post-workout meal at the Mansfield bistro. The Mansfield bistro is a great discovery because you don’t need to be a member of the club to have a meal there. It’s perfect for those days when you are running around downtown and you don’t want to eat greasy fast food.


Mansfield Athletic Club has locations in downtown Montreal and Brossard. It is a high-end gym offering personal training services, a big variety of group classes and beautiful facilities where you can train to your heart’s content. There is also a health clinic where you can book a physiotherapy appointment or a massage and a bistro featuring a healthy menu.

During the M360TOUR event, Lolitta, Joe and I got a 30-minute taste of two fitness classes: Insanity, taught by Marissa Huber, and Rockin’ Bottom, taught by Geneviève Pouliot. Insanity is a fitness franchise that became popular through its high-intensity workout videos (it involves a lot of jumping!). Rockin’ Bottom is a mix of cardio and strength-training movements that focus on targeting the core and lower-body.


The classes had my heart pumping and my muscles crying. But what really stood out was the incredible energy and professionalism of both Marissa and Geneviève. I have trained with many different trainers and instructors and I can tell you that these ladies are some of the finest fitness professionals that Montreal has to offer.

After sipping on a smoothie and getting my hair blow-dried (the O Coiffure hairdressers worked magic with dry shampoo), I got to sample dishes from the bistro’s fall menu: An avocado tartare, a salad with butternut squash and pumpkin seeds as well as a salmon dish served with lentils. Everything was fresh and flavourful but the avocado tartare was my favourite. It was a clever spin on the traditional steak or fish tartare and as an avocado lover, I was more than happy to polish my plate (especially with the spicy mayo that was served on the side).

Mansfield-avocado Mansfield-salad Mansfield-salmon

Sometimes all you need to renew your focus and energy is a well-spent afternoon!

Anouare x